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Here students are taught full contact martial arts self defense techniques by skilled instructors. Teach your child martial arts basic safety techniques. Martial arts give courage to face any situation, any problem. Although martial art is a fighting technique, it actually suppresses the aggressive mentality and violence of people. So students contact Bangladesh Kushu Association to acquire self defense techniques.

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Self Defense

An important aspect of life is to protect yourself from any situation. Mindfulness and self-defense generosity can get you out of any situation. All self defense skills are trained by Bangladesh Kuoshu Association.

Mixed Martial Art

In mixed martial arts you will learn how to fight standup, how to fight on the ground, how to fight in any critical situation etc. Mixed martial arts allow the use of striking and grappling techniques both standing and on the ground. This makes it more versatile than most martial arts.

Kung-Fu Art

The basic idea of Shaolin Kung Fu is to turn the human body into a powerful and deadly weapon. The Chinese word Kungfu or Kuoshu means to study something with patience and strength. Apart from Kung Fu, Karate, there are other martial arts like Judo-Taiko. Of all these, kung fu is unique. And Kung Fu makes himself supremely confident.

Sports & Fitness

Bangladesh Kuoshu Association has been playing a leading role in producing skilled players by providing participatory training in various action competitions. Bangladesh Kuoshu Association holds the record of winning most of the games in the past.


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